STOP BUYING PRESETS: Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

I love Instagram. I really do. It allows me to connect with so many people every day, keep up with their lives, send them support via ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ and just create stronger bonds with people due to daily contact. even if it is over my phone, I find it’s better than nothing. AND I get to virtually meet people I might never connect with otherwise and sometimes we meet in real life and are automatically primed for friendship. It’s great.

But like all great things, it has it’s downside. One of these being that famous Instagram personalities and bloggers will take advantage of their followers by selling them ridiculously expensive products with only their clout to back them up.

I can respect a hardworking photographer selling their presets, but when fitness instagram models start doing it I get suspicious. It can’t be that hard to get the peachy, glowy feed right?

It’s not.

What does this have to do with anything running, business, recovery, life, etc? Honestly nothing, I just think knowledge is power and the more people know about how to make their photos beautiful the more likely they are to gain traction. And I am hoping this gets into the hands of people who are going to use their influence for good. So consider this me investing in you?

Here is the video where I break it down!

Use this tutorial and DM me your photos! I want to hear if this helps you at all!

Happy editing,