Download the 5k in 4 weeks training plan


So you want to run a 5k…

Amazing! I am so excited to help you cross that finish line!

Running is tough getting started and that can feel discouraging, especially when you can't get further than a mile. But here's the truth: we all start somewhere. Runners are not born, they are made. So My 5K Training Plan is a 4 week plan that will take you from couch to 5k in 4 weeks using the 'Walk-Run' method. This running method is an incredibly effective way of starting your running journey.

The Run-Walk method gives you a period of time where you should walk followed by a period of time where you should run. For example, for one run you might run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, and repeat this 3 times to have run for a total of 9 minutes. This method is great for the beginner runners because it gives your body time to recover during your walk segment, but still pushes you during your run segment.

Always remember, you are only one run away from being a runner. Runners are made, not born, so take the plunge and download the plan!

I also recommend reading my 'Running: Where to Start' article that dives into what you need to get started on your running journey. Hint hint, signing up for a race is one of them!