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The Hard Truth of Spot Reduction

The Hard Truth of Spot Reduction

Let's have some real talk right now: I want this blog to be successful.  I do!  I want the freedom that goes with self employment.  Not ashamed to admit it.

BUT MORE THAN THAT I want this blog to be a truthful and honest reference for people trying to get healthier.  Deep down, my most sincere motivation for this blog is to grab someone's attention who is trying to be healthier and give them the information they really need to change their own life.  I want to help people reach their goals and feel amazing about themselves. There's so much conflicting information out there and I want to provide simple solutions that can actually be applied to real life.  Sometimes when I write a post I pretend I'm writing to myself 5 years ago when I was a skinny, unhealthy, unhappy girl who felt self-conscious all the time and wanted to make good changes but didn't know how. That's the person I want to speak to and help the most.  

This is why you'll never see me pushing a 'fat burning tea' or some 'waist trainer' gadget thingy.  I'm going to keep it real and not pretend that changing your life is easy. Unfortunately there are marketing minds out there that don't agree with me.  They take advantage of women and their insecurities to sell products, and frankly I think that's fucked up, excuse my French.

So in my quest to spread the good word of healthy living, you can imagine how frustrated I get when I see people sharing dishonest information and promising results that just won't happen in real life. Today I'm going to focus on one of those topics in particular- spot reduction.

 Spot reduction is working a certain muscle or area of your body to burn fat in that particular area. Let me make this super clear upfront: spot reduction does not work. It's just not possible to choose where your body pulls fat from.

To really drive this home- the way that your body stores fat is completely genetic and unique to you and there's nothing you can do to change that. So if you have 'stubborn arm fat'  and you do a bunch of arm exercises to try and target that fat, it's just not gonna work because that's not the way that your body functions. You might increase muscle mass in your arms and use adipose tissue (fat) as fuel, but that doesn't mean that the fat being burned is coming from that direct area. Your body is gonna pull fat from where it's genetically programmed to pull fat from.

The thing that really gets to me is this- Spot reduction has been scientifically proven to be a myth. No one is questioning this anymore, at least no one who is educated in how our bodies function (doctors, most trainers, physical therapists, etc).

If you don't believe me check out a few of these sources for further reading: 

Medical Daily Weight Loss is a Whole Body Thing

Breaking Muscle Spot Reduction: One Final Attempt to Kill the Myth

So spot reduction is not possible, we have now confirmed. So why do I then go on Pinterest and all I see are info-graphics about 'ab exercises to target your lower belly fat', or 'inner thigh trimming leg exercises' (see examples below). What gives?


It upsets me that this false information is still being spread, and it means one of two things. It might mean there are people out there without the proper education who are speaking with false authority about fitness. Not cool.   

It might also mean that somebody out there knows that spot reduction is a myth but they also know that it will get a lot of traffic to their website. This person is taking advantage of our insecurities to benefit themselves. TOTALLY NOT COOL!

I really hope it's not the latter because it's such a malicious thing to do. I'm sorry for the rant is just something that really frustrates me when I want healthy living to be simplified, and then there are people out there misleading everyone and creating more confusing. I hope I never get to that point where I need to lie to people in order to see success.

I also hope now you all know that spot reduction is a complete and total myth. Don't trust those lies yo! Becoming healthier is hard work, fat loss is hard work, fitness is hard work, but nothing great in life comes easy. Do what is best for your body day after day and the results will come.  

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