Spin Class 101

I recently opened an indoor cycling studio, CycleBar Roseville, and have been so insanely busy that nutrition has taken a backseat. I've been snacking on Quest Bars regularly, which you can buy at your local target in TONS of amazing flavors. It's so nice that there are easy snacks available that still give me my much needed protein fix after all these cycling classes. They have almost no sugar and 20g of protein so they keep me full for a few hours as well. The best part of these bars is if you put them in the microwave for 10 seconds they become HEAVENLY. The blueberry muffin one is my favorite in the morning and the s'mores one is my favorite after a nighttime workout. These bars are available at Target, so rush in and grab some before they sell out! (Cookie Dough was already gone when I went)


One of the most interesting things about running a spin studio is the amount of intimidation that people feel going into their first class. I see so many people come in who are nervous, excited, and mostly just look like deer in the headlights. So I've partnered with Quest Nutrition to give you my Spin Class 101 to make it less intimidating and to prepare you for your first class if you've never taken one.


1. Use the clip in shoes

It is a completely different and better workout when you use the clip in shoes, so bring your own or rent them from the studio. My studio gives the shoes for free :)

2. Bring tons of water

You will sweat a TON during your class so be prepared to hydrate right afterwards. 

3.  Bring a snack for after

You will need to replenish your body, so bring something for right after you spin. I have been munching on Quest Bars pretty much non-stop after my classes, but sometimes I'll have a banana.



4. Don't eat before!

You will likely feel nauseous or actually vomit if you eat too close to start time. Don't eat within 2 hours of your class.

5. Let the staff help you

Any indoor cycling studio should have knowledgable and helpful front desk staff who can show you how to clip in and fit your bike to you. Your instructor should also be able to walk you through some basic moves and lingo so you can follow along through the class.


Spin studios are intimidating places, I get it. But no one is watching you on your bike no matter how dumb you might feel. Everyone in class is focused on their own experience so get out of your head, enjoy your instructors music, and just have fun!


What was your first indoor cycling experience? What is your favorite post spin fuel? Comment below and let me know!