6 Easy Habits to Start Getting Fit Fast


1 - Get your mind right.

Before you want to even think about getting fit I want you to have a conversation with yourself right now. Is this goal brought about by insecurities? Is it to change the way you feel about yourself? If the answer is yes, you need to work on your mental! Start inspecting your inner conversations. Write down the kinds of things you say to yourself. Don't judge anything, just be curious. Go through a list of every thought you have about yourself in one day. Count how many are negative and how many are positive. If the scales are tipped to negative then you need to introduce more self love and positive mantras into your daily thoughts. Write down everything you love on a separate list and hold on to that list throughout the day to read when a negative thought comes up. Pretty soon your inner monologue will naturally become more positive and your mindset for getting fit will be a mindset of love for yourself as opposed to hate.

2 - Focus on the YES moments, not on the NO moments.

Restricting yourself is the fastest way to disordered thinking, so instead of saying "No, I'm not allowed to have candy tonight" change the conversation in your head to "I am allowed to have whatever I want, but I choose to have some tea and veggies!". That way you are staying positive and instead of restricting you are just being smarter! 

3 - Get more sleep.

It might be beating a dead horse at this point, but sleep is KEY. It affects brain function, alertness, physical recovery, our emotions, the list goes on! Be selfish with your sleep. Prioritize your bed time. Maybe even set an alarm for when you need to get ready for bed so you really are snoozing by 10pm. I personally go for 8 hours every night and while I don't always nail it, I will nap to make up for any lost time. It helps me feel focused when I am working out and prevents me from mindless snacking between meals.

4 - Work on your circle.

I'm talking about the 5-10 people who influence us the most from day to day. Are they your cheerleaders and your support system? If not, distance yourself while you are trying to achieve your goal. No one needs negativity in their life from the people who are supposed to lift us up! Whatever you gotta do, start surrounding yourself with people who truly believe in you and your worth. It will pay off long term to have that strong support system.

5 - Find a workout that you LOVE

Working out is a way to celebrate your body and what it can do, so find a workout that you love that makes you feel good too! For me that is either spin class, running, or lifting weights to a really good playlist. When you love your workout it makes it a lot easier to commit to doing it 4 or 5 days a week. Don't settle for a workout that doesn't make you feel amazing when it's over. The treadmill probably won't cut it. Try a bunch of different stuff! Pilates, yoga, running, spin, other group fitness classes. When you find that special workout, you will know! And working out will become a treat rather than a burden that you dread everyday.

6 - Enjoy the process and celebrate your wins!

Getting fit will be a slow and steady process, and that's the fun part! Enjoy the process and don't put pressure on yourself to do too much too fast. Your body will take time to adapt and change to your new lifestyle. Embrace the tough parts, the different seasons of life, and it will make your fitness that much easier to maintain. And celebrate the little victories! Just finished your first run after the snow? Grab some cocoa and bask in your glory. Finish a really tough spin class? Crack open a cold one with some friends. I prefer Michelob ULTRA to cool off after a tough workout because it's only 95 calories and tastes SO refreshing and thirst quenching after a long run! That's why I’m partnering with Michelob ULTRA because they are hosting the Michelob Ultra 95,000 Fitness Experience Sweepstakes! In this sweepstakes they are giving away 95,000 fitness experiences because the beer only has 95,000 calories. You can see all the rules and enter here.

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