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The Scale Every Fit Girl Needs

I have to admit I am not crazy about scales. I had a very negative relationship with mine for a long time, letting it dictate my value in the world. I put way too much importance on weight and no importance on how I felt. I realized later in life that I am never going to be defined by a number. For the sake of mental clarity and just general wellness I haven’t owned a scale in years and rarely weigh myself. That’s why I’m honestly pumped about this @nokiahealth Body + smart scale. It tells me way more than weight... it also tells me my muscle mass, how hydrated I am, my body fat percentage, and it stores all this info automatically for me to compare in the future.

If you have considered getting a scale in the past but have held back, here are my 5 reasons why every fit girl NEEDS this scale in their life!

1 - Know your body better!

So let's say you are trying to get fit, and you want to put on muscle. One of the ways you can do that is through resistance training and eating in a caloric surplus. Everyone is different which means everyones surplus is different, so the Nokia Health Body + Scale can tell you if you are gaining muscle, fat, or both so you can adjust accordingly. If you like knowing your composition and tracking it regularly I would definitely buy this scale!

2 - It can keep your hydration in check.

This scale tells you your current water levels so you can track it everyday and make sure you are staying consistently hydrated! This is an awesome tool if you are like me and are constantly forgetting to drink water until you are insanely parched. Hydration is amazing for healthy skin, muscles, and just overall well being.

3 - It tell you the weather!

There's a cute little screen at the end of your slideshow of stats that will tell you the weather for the day! This is a tiny detail but in my opinion it is a really cute way to wrap up your body stats.

4 - It's a gorgeous scale

The design of this scale will look good in any bathroom with any aesthetic. I love the sheik white and how basic it is. It almost looks like a decoration on your floor as opposed to the normal scale eyesore.

5 - It tracks your stats automatically!

Every time you step on the scale your stats are stored automatically in the Nokia Health Mate App. This means you can throw away the log you would have to manually write in each time you weigh yourself. This App stores everything too, not just weight. 

All in all this is such an awesome gadget to elevate your fit girl status from amateur to pro. With stats like weight, body fat, muscle mass, and hydration levels, you have that added information that gives you a way bigger picture of your health. I highly recommend this nifty tool. But remember nothing on this scale tells you who you are deep down in your soul 💫 

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