'Running is 75% mental, 25% physical'.

This is a phrase you will hear often in the running world.

But for some reason every single marathon training plan I've found only focuses on the physical aspects of running. I noticed a huge gap where mindset was not being coached, helped, or addressed. The reality is the marathon takes a LOT of mental strength. When you get to mile 20 (or to wherever you hit your 'wall') and your legs are dog tired and your body is exhausted, it's your mind that decides to keep going. 

The Mindful Marathon Training Guide is meant to help a runner of any experience level gain the confidence to sign up for and finish a marathon. It includes a 4 month training plan with weekly runs, strength workouts, and other fun physical activities to get your body physically prepared for the marathon. 

More importantly, the Mindful Marathon Training Guide includes mental training activities to ensure that you get past the wall and across the finish line. These mental training activities will equip you with the perseverance necessary to accomplish such a long and grueling race.